Meet our Psychics!

Meet  Bryan

I believe in keeping things very real. I believe in providing honest straight forward truths. It’s important to me that each individual I work with walks away feeling more comfortable with their situation. I primarily work with love and relationships due to a very keen ability to tune into the emotions of others and read both desire and intent. I can easily tell you how he or she is feeling, what is going on, and the direction you are headed. Situations like these can be stressful, but by working together, we can find real solutions rather than another temporary fix.

I also enjoy helping people along their own paths. All too often we feel lost or without direction, but I can help you once again find your way.
I am grateful we have crossed paths and look forward to helping you
 with any answers you seek.

I am offering a $15 Email Reading Special at

Helpful Teresa

I am a natural born psychic who has been doing psychic readings for over 20 years. I use a variety of methods including tarot cards, runes, and a pendulum to bring you the clearest message that I can from Spirit.
I do not do readings card by card or rune by rune, these are merely instruments to help messages come through more clearly and with more detail.
I am clairsentient and can usually feel the energy of the person you are asking about, making it easier to pick up not on just on what is happening in a given situation, but why!
I don't judge and I don't sugar-coat. Everyone has their own journey and is on their own path-I am here to give you as much information as I can to help you make the most of your journey.

  $15 Special an overview for the coming year, either runes or tarot

Meet Mystic Angel

I am here to help find you REAL answers to the questions you are seeking – about love and relationships, your career and financial aspects – not tell you that there are dark negative energy or curses placed upon you!

we all have questions, nothing is too big or small
 to want insight into!

I have been doing readings for almost 20 years, both online and off. My readings consist of tarot cards, psychic, Mediumship and clairvoyant sessions, spiritual guides, angelic, deceased loved ones, runes, pendulum. I also provide time frames if available within the reading. Whatever we need to do or use to get the answers you require to make decisions!

Live chat and Email Readings available at

Intuitive Michael

Michael has been a professional Psychic Consultant for over 25 years. His struggle with his Psychic senses throughout his childhood provided him with a very good understanding and knowledge of universal energy. He is now helping others with his gifts of Clairvoyance and Clairaudience. Michael is very accurate with Dream Analysis and he provides help for people to find the source of inner turmoil. Michael's knowledge, inner guidance and various Tarot spreads give his clients the information, direction and the balance they seek. His spirituality, sense of humor and genuine concern has his regular clients seeking guidance again and again. Michael looks forward to hearing from you
 no matter what your problem or issue.

Michael is available at - ask about his $15 offer!

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